Here are some interesting facts and stories
 about the Mexican culture.  I hope you enjoy!!


Day of the Dead ...... October 28, 2013

   It may have started out as a somber religious event but today Mexico celebrates on November 1 and 2 with vibrant enthusiasm. These days are typically observed with friends and family in remembrance of their passed loved ones. The families spend the day playing the departed’s favorite music, eating the departed’s favorite foods or spending the day at picnics around gravesites. It a fiesta to honor the good memories of a loved one and to celebrate life.
November 1st is especially reserved in remembrance of any children that have passed. Family members and friends adorn
graves with toys and gifts in honor of the little ones that have died. Some gifts may even include their favorite foods and drink. Mexicans believe that the departed’s spirit will return to spend the day with them so in return the family has a huge party to celebrate. They decorate with the traditional Zenpasuchitl marigold flower. Candles are lit to serve as a guide for spirits to make it back home. 


October 11, 2011- Mexican Sugar Molds

The beautiful Mexican Moldes de Azucar or Sugar Molds, have been used for centuries throughout Mexico and Latin America to store cane sugar used for sweetening, candy making, and distilling tequila. The raw sugar cane syrup is pressed to remove the sweet pulp inside, rendered down to a flowable liquid by heating, and then poured into the cone shaped molds and allowed to cool. The solid cones can then be easily stored for future use. Before refined granulated sugar, this is the way sugar was often sold.  Brown sugar cones called piloncillo can still be purchased in Mexico , and brown sugar cones are still used in the making of tequila. 

These wonderful rustic pieces make perfect accents for tables, mantles, or counters. Fill them with votive candles, mexican vanilla cone candles, flowers, potpourri, small plants or cacti.  You can change the look every season. You're limited only by your imagination.

We have two styles of sugar molds.  The first style is available in  your choice of 2 hole, 4 hole ,6 hole, and 12 hole wood sugar molds with a slim iron stand.  They can also come in 5 different colors. The second style is available in 10 hole and 12 hole brown wood molds with a thicker iron stand. 

In my next blog, I will explain about the "Day of the Dead" custom & celebrations.

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